Anyone starting AAU FALL 08?

Is anyone here starting AAu this fall?
Starting 1st semester at academy of art university as a 2nd degree BFA student.
Any tips for taking and passing with high marks in

perspective for id
design drawing 1(seems like alot of work)
model making


I am not starting this fall but I will say hard work because I don’t think DD1 and perspective should be taken together. I will be overloaded but I am not you.

yea i just started too, not quite that much work yet, but its gonna drop like a sack of rocks this week. dd1 and perspective does sound like a bad combo. maybe we have class together. whats your name in real life?

Oh this is my 5th semester, I pass DD3 already. I’m Solomon btw

hey solomon, are you product or trans?

jehan when do u have class? i have dd1 thursdays 830-3 and perspective tuesdays 830-3.

yea i already feel the stress of the workload, but I am a second degree student and i spoke with hideki, and he told me that this is pretty much the courses i am supposed to take first semester.

i have perspective tuesdays 330 to 620. whos your teacher?

i have perspective tuesdays 330 to 620. whos your teacher?

Hi, i am considering AAU too…their so many mix opinions regarding the school and its program. So, how did u finally decide to settle on AAU?

jehan, i have joko .

i chose aau because of the cost of tuition was cheaper than most other options. Also, i also wanted to stay in california, and knew of people who attend the school. i also talked to the assistant director prior, receiving a portfolio review of some previous work.

basically, i weighed my options, and decided that the cost and reward were worth it. the only downside is that they do not have a portfolio requirement to get in, (although for industrial design, I would recommend you meet with the director or assist. dir.). This is because within the first year, many students are weeded out quickly, so it is by no means easy. I am only in my first semester third week, and I barely get to sleep more than 4 hours a night…


The problem is that i have never done any ID related project before. so i don’t have anything to make into a profolio. Shall i just call to make an appointment with the director? (I talked to Rick, but not sure if he is the one). Does the talk with the advisor mainly for class selection? cuz i know ID in AAU doesn’t have any prerequisiton. And how do u guy practice sketching? just by drawing anything? I plan to tour the school and the studio maybe next week? do any of you guys will be there so i could see the projects you are dealing with?

you dont need a portfolio to start, just be prepared to work really really hard.

the program is rigorous. and yes, if you visit the director is Tom Matano. speak with him or the assistant director, Hideki Masuda.

There are many projects displayed throughout the building.

Hi, thanks you guys for replying. one more question.

What computer design software are you guys using or going to learn? we are learning Vectorwork 2008 now, but it is main to teach you to draw buildings. So i don’t know wheather i should keep that class or now.