Anyone See StarWars 3... What did you think?

I saw StarWars 3 last week… I just want to know what people thought about from a design point of view… Lucas and Designers are always coming up with new vehicles and furniture and stuff… I am a fan of all the morphing concepts like the destoryers… I have all the art of starwars books and with all the sick renderings in them…

Only seen it once so far and the visuals were unbelievable. The battle sequences had the same intensity as Private Ryan with what really seemed to be 1000s of assets being used/destroyed in combat.

As for design, I think they they got the evolution between EP2 and EP4 just right. The fact that Jedi fighter ships had the geodesic cockpits of TIE fighters. S-foil fighters had an X-wing quality. Even the big capital ships seemed to fit nicely into the timeline, especially the one command ship that gets destroyed… a real pre-cursor to the big star destroyer chasing Leia in EP4.


highly recomend “The Art of Star Wars Ep III” book. A lot of good process sketches.

The movie was good, def the best of the new three, it is no Empire Strikes Back though, but what is?

Worst two parts of thee movie:

1- The turn to the dark side moment
2- The big yell of “Nooooo” as Suited Vader

Amidst many good parts, yoda facing off against the emporer, clone AT-AT predecesor walking thingys, lots of planets, the above mentioned Jedi fighters (which also sounded like TIEs)…

I don’t think there was one single dark side moment, unless you count the one moment after you see the fully suited and masked Vader. (Can you tell I’m trying to keep the spoilers out?)

My worst part is how Lucas treats Padme and her sudden change from being Ani’s superior to his equal to something less. It is not enough that he grows more powerful, must she also become the lesser in their affair? I admit that it is a very subtle thing and may not even be noticeable for most, but I thought Lucas was being misogynist without even realizing it.


I really enjoyed the movie and I think Lucas did a good job transitioning the vhicles and all that…

As for the part that really pissed me off… I feel Luke and Leia were named so hap hazardously… It was like there was no thought in it… I remember from 2 when they tried to set it up… But damn that was so weak…

set design- as usual awsome

charachter design, CGI as usual, awsome

movie in general? garbage.

i feel duped. i was duped from the first time i saw the first movie at six years old. lucas duped a whole generation.

the only thing i wnated to do after this movie was to go see the first one, which is exactly what lucas wanted…

worst two parts for me:

  1. whenever any other actor besides E McGregor said a line (he actually wasn’t bad as the young O-B Wan)

  2. the rest of the movie.

if mr lucas spent so much time thinking about his ‘story’ telling, why did he make such crap?

yeah yeah yeah, all the ID stuff, all the cool imagry, ok. that stuff was boss.

but the rest? crap.

Meeza hated dat dumb moviez!


2- The big yell of “Nooooo” as Suited Vader


Come on, you can’t beat the Frankenstein classic…