Anyone running Boston?

Any fellow designer/runners running Boston Marathon in 2 weeks?

Likewise if anyone has Boston recommendations, advice, etc.

Travelling with the family and a toddler so won’t be getting around too much.


My hometown.
Larz Anderson Antique Auto Museum (small but mighty, housed in an incredible building - ask to see the carriages in the attic or any number of the current rides in the shop area, you may get lucky, especially if it’s slow and the staff is bored)
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (SKIP the closer by and much larger, but nowhere near as good Museum of Fine Arts)
Harvard Museum of Natural History (for the glass flowers exhibit: mindblowing AND NOT TO BE MISSED!)
Plough and Stars pub and restaurant in Cambridge (one of the few old-school authentics left)
Dali restaurant in Somerville (again, an authentic and lovely classic).

Lived there for six years - loved it. So much fun to see/do…if the kiddo is into museums, the Children’s Museum of Boston is awesome. The South End down the street has a lot of great eateries too. A guilty pleasure is going to Machine Age. It’s a mid-century store (furniture) that’s a head-turner when you visit. Off the beaten path, quite large, and bring your checkbook. Ask to see what they have in the shop in the back too. So many good places to eat and drink. Fanueil Hall and Copley place are touristy, but nice to walk around in Boston. The Commons are lovely to walk through as you can. Get a meal in the North End - you cannot pick a poor Italian restaurant. And it’s Modern Pastry for your cannoli - not Mike’s! Have a blast…

Thanks for all the recommendations, all.

It was an amazing experience in Boston and will have to come back for all the tourist things. The weekend was mostly Boston Marathon events (expo, shakeout runs, all the brand pop ups on Newbury St, etc.).

It’s a beautiful city indeed and can’t wait to return. Got another BQ out of my race (3:02) so perhaps 2023 I’ll do it again!