Anyone recognizes this design?

Does anyone recognize this 2013 design innovation? Really appreciate your help!

you will probably get more responses if you post the image into the forum vs linking to it, especially as this is your first post.

Thanks for your advice. I have edited the post.

I’ve never seen it before. Any clues?

Noumenon by Belgian Designer Carl De Smet
Also see → Smart polymers hunting for makers - Domus


noumenon → Noumenon - Wikipedia

Google is our friend.

Wow thanks so much. I tried to Google it too but couldn’t find anything.

The power of a discussion forum stuffed with uber design nerds. Respect. :wink:

Welcome to the boards jeffly.

I tried to Google it too but couldn’t find anything.

Google is becoming better by the month it seems*. It is so intuitive that all you have to do is pick a basic premise. In this case I did an Image search using the words compressed plastic forms. An image resembling the one you posted popped up which led to the article on Mr. De Smet. It also helps to have a concept of what a process step might look like.

Elapsed search time: five minutes max.

  • … with regard to technological innovation. With regard to its pervasive practice of tying personal information to every possible database, it’s more than a little annoying. As a person who has been trying for almost a year to re-establish a credit score (as the result of “identity theft” episode) I find “f**ked” to be a better word…

fyi, Google’s “Search by image” is pretty cool. You upload a photo and it finds similar ones. Great for finding context on those random mood board/ inspiration images.

Although with the OP’s original image not much else pops up other than this thread. I tried the quick google image search when the thread first popped up, but didn’t really try any deeper.

Lmo was a bit more persistant than I was.