Anyone please give me a reliable rank of ID in the US

ID is #1!

No seriously, you need to elaborate on that question.

No ranks that I know of [even by BusinessWeek (or is it NewsWeek?) and Princeton Review]. Industrial Design is too small or off the radar for that unfortunately or it’s just too objective. However plenty of folks will give their opinions on here… most of them are hogwash because they haven’t visited more than one or two schools. Besides, “good” schools graduate some bad students and “bad” schools graduate some stellar students… it’s all really individual and what you make the most of your education.

What exactly do you want to do? That’s also very important. Some schools excel in styling but are poor in mech & manufacturing, or excel in research, or graphic design, etc.

List what you want to do and where in the US you would most want to go to. Think about whether the school has a few international students already that can assist you in your decision. Think about cost. How much is tuition? Do they have jobs I can get while I’m there etc?