Anyone own Carl Liu's books?


I just found out about Carl Liu and his two books. I read on about one of his books having drawing tutorials. Does anyone own this book of his?

and if so, does it offer many tutorials and is it a good sketching instruction book? I own Koos Eissen’s “Sketching” book and it doesn’t offer any; just examples of good work. So I am looking for a better book to improve my ID sketching skills. Thanks!


The book has seven sketch demos (a sort of walkthrough). They don’t really teach you that much, but are good enough for improving ones techniques a bit. The book is mainly just a bunch of nice sketches by Carl Liu. I personally think Carl Liu’s books are at their best for inspiration to develop your sketching, not for learning the basics. For that I find Koos Eissen’s book better, but then I also took classed with the the guy while using the book as a reference to his class so that is of course not the same has just having the book.

I don’t have any other books to recommend, but Carl Liu’s books is in my opinion best if you’ve already covered the basics of ellipsees, boxes, constructing roundings, shading…

Do you own the Umea Design Sketching book? Thats a must have.

I have Carl’s book. Nice example of process, and great for inspiration, but not a book about tutorials.

Like it was said before this book offer some step by step examples, but not very detailed, and it don t give you basic methods to sketch if it’s what you search.
BTW it got some good story telling sketch examples that are very important for a designer to learn.

Innovative Product Design Practice: Carl Liu Design Book is the best sketching book I’ve come across for ID sketching.

What seperates this from every other sketching book I’ve come across is that it shows his sketching styles in all types of fidelity throughout the project. This is very important when it comes to sketching, working out which style to use, something that got me a while to get my head around and was mentioned in school. This isn’t a book full of perfect finished sketches. IT ranges from doodle to high quality renders.

It also has a section breaking down his sketch style step by step.

It’s not as well known as Koos Eissen’s or the UMEA one, but i have no idea why, 100% recommend

If you want to improve your sketching, then get the Gnomon DVD’s with Scott Robertson. (yeah i know its not a book, but it should be mentioned)

Far superior to any book ive found so far.

thanks for the suggestions. I do have Scott’s sketching videos (we own them at the campus library) and have had the pleasure of watching them over and over, but one thing he skimps on, IMO, is ellipses in different formations (upright cylinders, etc). Hence why I was trying to make up for it by getting other books to fill in the gaps.

There are a few books written by Dick Powell which cover that topic pretty good, atleast the one i have. I think its called Presentation Techniques.

I’ll have a look when i get home to see how thouroughly ellipses are covered in that one.

I just wanted to write an update to this post from a year ago in which I was inquiring about Liu’s book. I now own it and it truly is an AWESOME book!! It actually does have a few tutorials in the back of the book that are a step by step process of how he sketches and renders in both marker/pencil and also Sketchbook Pro. The beginning of the book is all examples of his work and presentations.

As everyone has mentioned… it’s NOT a book for learning HOW to sketch (principles of drawing ellipses, shadow construction, perspective, etc.) but more for inspiration and possibly to show you some rendering/coloring tips with markers/pencils and how he goes about it. For sketching tips, Koos Eissen’s book, “Sketching” is the best and Scott Robertson’s videos are even better, if you don’t like to read through a book and prefer to “watch and follow”. :slight_smile: