Anyone made the switch from design/ads to ID?

Greeting Core77’rs -

Just moved to Portland, OR (due to my fiancee - whom is a nurse) and finding this job market to be brutal and very over saturated (which I knew coming into this, just didn’t realize the realistic scale of the problem). I read that 38,000 jobs were lost last year and 38,000 people moved/flocked here from other states, the math is not good. Anywhoooo, thinking about going back to school for Industrial Design (mid career change) and wondering about anyone that has made the switch from “design” (print, interactive, identity/branding, and advertising) to ID… Love it, hate it, pros/cons?

Any programs or schools (I.E. - The Art Institute of Portland) they recommend for Industrial Design?

Also, anyone good recruiters or jobs posting sites other than KROP, coroflot, creativehotlist, simplyhired, aquent, pdxmindshare, etc.?

Thanks in advance,

and by “design” you mean GD?

In this field we call ID just “design” :wink:

I think you may find ID more competitive than GD in that there just are not as may jobs out there in ID. I do have several friends who have crossed over, both ways… in the end, after some specialized skill sets, applied creativity is applied creativity and designers are working across fields now more than in the past 20 years. Ironically this is more similar to the beginning of ID in post WW2 era when Raymond Loewy was doing ID, GD, Brand Identity, Packaging, and Transportation.