Anyone knows Alienware new MP3 player?

It looks cool…i want one. may buy one, depending on the memory media they announce and the price (of course).

no offense (OK here it comes) but that thing looks like it was designed by 12 year olds for 12 year olds.

Could the potable unit and the bas have been designed on two different continents maybe? Could the formwork and detailing on the base be any more course and sophmoric? Does it need 3 alian heads on the base?

I really hoe Astro didn’t do this. A lot of the other stuff they’ve done for alien has been really cool (not for me, but well done)

The display on the player is heinous. It looks like an 80’s era BMW dash. Not to mention that the dock looks like it walked off the set of a low budget sci-fi tv show. I’ve always been a fan of what Alienware is doing INSIDE the computer, but their product language leaves much to be desired. YO put it best. For 12 year olds, by 12 year olds.

I agree, the player and the hub don’t work together

the hub looks like what would happen if the Sony boombox (the one that looked like a giant ant head) and the Roomba were some how mated.

now if it played my music while vacuuming my carpets, I might get one.


Can you imagine if HRG actually was consulted to design an mp3 player? I’m thinking rotting skull base with penis-shaped earbud headphones would be what they ended up with, all jet black.

I’m a huge HRG fan, but I’m pretty self-conscious about which pieces I use to introduce his work to people. Some of his stuff is beyond words.

For those not familiar:

Astro no touchy.