Anyone know of a Translucent Chrome Process for mockups???

I need to build a prototype that is chromed, but with the chrome being translucent. The best way I can describe it would be like chromed sunglasses, or a skyscraper window.
Unfortunately the project is a compound surface so I don’t think I can use a foil material like on window tinting, unless they can take some radical shapes with heat
Anyone have any ideas. I have talked to a few RP houses and they can chrome all day long but it’s opaque.

How would a Rayban/Oakley, etc… mockup sunglasses? Any tips would be appreciated

There’s some airbrush spray I used to use. I think it’s made by a UK company called Alcad. It was Alcad II Chrome. It adhered well to lexan but it was pretty sensitive to scratches. So you may need to coat it with something else.

Here’s what it can do.

This is not my work. But I can tell you how it was made. Once they sprayed it with the chrome it was backed with black to make it opaque. If you want it translucent you would not back it with black. This is also sprayed on the inside surfaces as well.

Both have a chrome-look paint and are easy to get in the US.

Your surface better be perfect or it will look like crap, just FYI.

You could always try to find a company that will do Plastic Vacuum Deposition for you. PVD is the process usually used to apply optical coatings to lenses, but is also being used to give a metallic effect to plastic parts and to back screen glass/plastic windows on mobile phones. A thin coat is very transparent in the right lighting conditions:

This is how LG produce the metallic face on the LG shine. A good model maker should be able to point you in the right direction.

Hope that helps.

Thanks to everyone for the input. I’ll try some of these this week. I’ll keep you posted. Cheers

For translucent chrome, try
The flatter your geometry the better, as it is a ‘line of sight’ application process (Electron Beam Evaporation).

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