Anyone know much about the ID programs at ASU or UIC?

I was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this subject.
I’m considering attending either ASU(arizona) or UIC(chicago) for thier ID programs. I havent heard much about these schools, except that they are O.K. Can anyone give me a better description? The reason I chose these schools is because I currently live in tempe,Az. and I’m originally from Chicago. So moving back to Illinois wouldnt be a problem for me.
Hope someone can give me some input!

I graduated from ASU in 2000 (best 7 years of my life! BUUUURP). a professor there,Paul Rothstien, had just introduced the research based/ ethnographic based design to the senior studio. This was a fantastic addition. They have also started doing corporate sponsored programs with Thompspon multimedia that would have been great to be a part of. The program was growing and moving in some good directions whe I left. They have also added some new faculty that I never met, so can’t help you there too much.

I know people who graduated from there and had jobs waiting for them and people who made it all the way through the program and couldn’t find design work to save their lives. I personally stumbled a bit, lots of comments that I needed to show more process and a couple that my portfolio was not finished enough.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your education at any school. You can coast though at Art Center and not be employable, or you can seek out opportunities and exposure, put in extra work and it won’t matter where your degree is from!

Here’s my advice: start with your goal in mind, To get a design job:
build your portfolio from day one with an eye to show it. You will have to apply to upper division after your 2nd year(portfolio) youll need to get at least one internship after your third year(portfolio) and you’ll need to get a job when you graduate (Portfolio). Any and all competitions, even if it means doing a side project thats not for school. do extra internships on your summer breaks, even if you don’t get paid and your just sweeping the floors at first. There was one guy who interened with Karim Rashid before junior year and then ZIBA the junior year and then went to work with them after Graduation. very polished work. That being said, I felt that there was more focus on design method and less on technique so your development in that area is your own responsibility. I have heard of ASU alum working at Kawasaki, BMW, firms, corporate and going freelance right out. Good luck

Seems many of the UIC graduates end up in exibit design. I would visit the schools.

Yep, it doesn’t matter what school you go to or graduated from. It’s all up to you to improve your skills and use it to the best of your ability.

Hey, I just started the ID program here at ASU.
It seems to be pretty good, interesting, and there are definately some quality faculty here, but then again I haven’t been in any other ID programs.

Hey hind-sight, I got some bad news. I think Paul Rothstein passed away on the 7th of May.
Thought you should know.


Well, I disagree about the “guest” who claimed many of UIC IDer’s he knows most end up in exhibit design. Even if they end up in exhibit designs, well, more power to them because the exhibit industry need their help. I actualy know a few UIC IDer and one is with NIKE, one is with Whirlpool, one was with a very respectable design firm in Chicago, one is in London, England working for a reputable design firm as well. My point is they are scattered and invading all facets of design.

I would agree with the comment that it’s not the school, but more what you put into it. That being said much of what you will learn in school will come from your classmates. Go where the talent is. Nothing against UIC, I know some talented people that have come from that program, but of these two schools I would say ASU would probably be a better bet. I would still suggest investigating other schools and actually visiting the programs.

Choosing your school is a HUGE investment, it’s not just the money, but the time, and where you will be able to flourish.