anyone know if a semi-transluscent metal exist?

Basically, i need a material that allows some light to go through it, while having the ability to stick magnets on the other side…the magnets will need to be moved around.
ideas have been to put a fine metal mesh behind some frosted mylar, but I would like to know what all ya designers know of?

I don’t see why some iron couldn’t be introduced into this material. It’s the closest thing I could think of! It depends how thick and flexible you want it to be.

yeah, i looked into that material, but i basically need to stick magnets to a surface, and have a projector project and interface from the backside… putting a thin wireframe mesh on the backside of say some frosted mylar have been thought of, but if there was a material that would have iron in it, and let some light be projected through it some, that would rock!

I don’t know if material like this exists. I can think of mixing iron powder with cast plastics. However, the amount of powder may not be effective for magnets to stick on. Never tried it before.

You can get plastics with variable levels of carbon. I have used them for its conductive properties but can only guess that it may also have a magnetic value. I never had any particularly thin samples but generally plastic with a carbon content is not translucent.

Would it be possible to use a different solution? :

e.g. 1 - A clamping magnet on the other side of the plastic i.e. they attract to each other and hold themselves in place - see fish tank algae scrubbers.

e.g. 2 - Statically charge the plastic, like a balloon to you hair … but in a controlled manner ask an electronics engineer but a low voltage DC charge running through the plastic screen might create a the desired effect.

e.g. 3 - Give 3M, Agfa or DuPont a call, maybe they will have a glue or other fancy material that will meet your needs.

Light-transmitting concrete - cool!

Read this again.

anyone know if a semi-translucent metal exist?

Yes, you can - it is more of a plasticised metal than vice-versa and is about 1/4 to 1/2 mm thick … sorry, I have no idea where it was produced by.