anyone know how to replace colours in photoshop or illustrat

i have a bunch of coloured pencil sketches that i want to put together on one page.
but the scans all seem to have come out off-white. the paper that is

how can i put these together with the same white background?

replace the colour in photoshop or illustrator?

there are pencil shading sketches

by any chance, is your final crit tomorrow?

In photoshop, you can adjust those values a few different ways, but here’s what I use:

“Adjust Levels”

On a PC click “Ctrl + L”
On a Mac click “Apple + L”

This will bring up the “Levels” dialogue box with some options. Click on the white eyedropper in the box, and then click on the “off white” background in your sketch. This will cause all tones to become white if they are equal or lighter than the pixel you click…hope that’s clear. (If you click on a dark line, all pixels lighter in value will become white)

You can also move the sliders in the “Levels” dialogue box around to tweak the contrast as well…

in the future, it might be a good idea to just post in one forum. This comes off a little annoying.

I’m sure you’ll get an answer.

Open levels dialog. Take the rightmost slider and move it until it roughly coincides with the rightmost data point of the histogram (graph). Adjust as necessary.

Other tips for scanning line work:

scan at 600 DPI, clean up, blur slightly, reduce to 300 DPI, slight unsharp mask.
avoid using the edges of the scan bed, as they can often scan differently
don’t set your black to computer black, unless that’s the effect you want, as it looks unrealistic. Instead use a very dark gray (3,3,3 or thereabouts).