Anyone know about product development assistant in shoe

What kind of position is it in a shoe company? What will they interview for? Since I don not have too many experiences,what should I prepare?Thanks. I am interested in shoe design field.

it varies from company to company, but typically a development position consists of being a laison between design/marketing and the factory.

Thank yo! So communication skill is more important than design in this position? Is it possible to be a shoe designer later?

anything is possible depending on how much you bust a move. As Thomas Edison said “Most people miss opportinity because it is usually dressed in overalls and looks like hard work”

i think knowing how shoes are made and some tecnical information about shoes is important

I once took on a 16 year old girl on who came to us on work experience. She was too skint to do a degree in design and was expecting to just work in a store or something. We thought she was so talented we took her on soon as she left school and we sent her to Cordwainers part time to learn pattern cutting and shoe making and paid for her to do it.
She showed more talent than team members who already had degrees.