Anyone know a service that offers 3d printing food?

I would think it would make a nice birthday gift, if I could print out a 3d model that people can eat. I know this has been done in the labs so the technology is here, but I wonder if any commercial service offers it to the public?

Shapeways and I’ve checked a few others don’t offer it.

I cam across a DIY online build plane for a 3D printer that uses sugar as build material.


Try the Makerbot Frostruder.

which has links to:

Chocolate WonkaBot | 18-549 Embedded Systems Design

I remember a pasta extruder somewhere

All these sound promising, but do any offer a simple service where I upload my 3d model then they make it, and ship it? had a chocolate 3D printer for sale. Check out the link below.


Let me know when you can send a file for this… . :wink:

Actually, teleporting food might make for an interesting franchise company. Kind of like tele-florists. Kinda…