Anyone interested in the sport industry?

Like i said in a previous posts, i’m want to work in the sport industry. I’ve been working at the retail level now and it strikes me how much clueless about the design in sports today… For instance, the Tao water bottle cage from Tacx won design awards in Europe… Tacx never talks about it… Why? The group who redesigned the 20 year old Lange ski boots are the same group that works on some of the Ferrari cars available…

Anyone knows of any website related to sports and design? The only books i could find at school were either too old (talking about first snowboards from late 80s) or too general (i don’t care about golf clubs and tennis rackets!)

So why can’t i find any good info? is always a good place to start, it’s a great resource.

in your case it would be: Business > Consumer Goods and Services > Sporting Goods > take your pick…

The link to Sporting Goods is below.

That’s way to general!

Most companies show only the marketing side on their website… never talking about the concept or even showing the first sketches or first prototype… What i would love to see is a website like Core77 but applied to the design of sportgoods… any ideas?

You won’t see skaetches becasue they are propreitary property and usually they are too far removed from the final concept that they are negligably understandable.

Sporting goods are purpose designed. Often put together during a rigorous testing and experimintation process on a series of protypes and by input from end users who are professionals or have an intimate knowledge of what they do.

There are designers who are involved but I’d say 60 to 75% of sporting goods design is project management and develoment from a direction and execution point of view. Not much time is spent on sketching when you can just build a protoypte and test it either in house or coordinating with an out side source.

In my experience sports good manufacturers are reluctant to show real working process…you have to lurk and glean it from the outside - like if you are interested in bike design hang around the frame builder’s forums and pay attention. What you will get is enthusiasts and the occasional insider trading self-taught knowledge and sometimes industry spyshots. This exists in a big way for the sneaker industry although I don’t know any of the websites for this.

Sporting products seem rather under-represented in design competitions and magazines, and when they are, usually get a big kooky reception (like ID’s issue on bike parts last year) which I think is because it’s cooler designer-wise to wear black and chain smoke Mild Sevens than it is to worry about your heart rate and wear CoolMax.

check out priority designs work.

they have done some really great work for lax, golf and a really interesting baseball glove. I know a few guys that work there, its a great firm in columbus ohio.

hope you find what your looking for.