Anyone interested in a new site for black graphic designers?

I searched all around the web and this is the only user forum that I could see that was intended for black designers…I’m starting to learn a bit about server side scripting and I’d like to put it into proactice by producing a fresh new site specifically targeted for african american designers-graphic design, interior design, architecture, art, etc. I’d liek to keep it focused on visual art to start just to help it stay in scope, but utlimately it woudl be cool to have it for musicians, poets, etc…

I love design and as a designer I know its a tough business to thrive it. As a black designer I know its damn near impossible. Anyway- I’m just trying to gauge whether anyone else thinks it a good or great idea.

Just reply


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YOH! Come on man, the guy is being serious. Don’t be an asshole.

lol…nice one. I am very serious though. I want to know who else would be down with it, cause obviously I’m gonna need help-article tips, whateva. If anyone’s serious about it, send me an email at I know a few local designers but I want it obviously to have influence from everywhere. I used to be in the IT/programming field and I saw that alot of ethnicies helped themselves out to become better( plus hook ups for jobs, etc. etc) I really think this could be a great resource if done correctly. I’m real passionate about it, but I want to know if anyone else is-and if that’s the case I’ll do whatever I can to get it going.

I’m personally pretty good with layout, Photoshop & Illustrator, and I’m intermediate in Flash, but I could really use help in 3D, video, and drawing. I’d like a communtiy where people connect-chat, whatever to make their designs better and take their skills to that next level.

I really want to do this, I just want to know if anyone else wants it-so let me know!

I wouldn’t limit your scope that way. Make it about good design and it’ll attract those interested in good design. Making it a point that it’s geared towards just certain groups will only make it easier for the rest of the world to ignore it and that groups contributions.
Besides, there just arent as many blacks in design fields compared to others so you’d be severly limiting your potential for exposure, growth, and input from the start.
Be a part of the total design world, and let others be surprised when they find out who it came from. Let the work speak for itself on it’s own merit. It’ll stand out on it’s own from your atypical design perspective. It doesnt help if you purposefully and willingly go into a secluded corner that others may intentionally or unintentionally be pushing you into. Let everyone know you exist, no self limitation. Good luck to you.

I certainly respect and understand that opinion, but realistically, I think there are a ton of good design resources already around. Like most minorities, there are some particular challenges that black designers face. I’m not really trying to make it a showcase of black designers’ work, though there will be a section for that, but more to discuss topics with and get help and advice from someone’s who’s in a similar situation. I’ve seen other ethnic groups go into “corners” and it helps them help their own, thus getting making them all stronger, and getting them into better positions, giving them the ability to help more, etc… It’s a cycle of empowerment that lacks in every aspect of the african american community. I happen to love design-so that’s what I can help with.

Focusing on the black community-I hope- can produce a stronger familial bond that helps everyone involved


Looks to me like this site needs some help being updated and maintained. Perhaps you want to talk to Core about that.

Anyways do whatever you want if you feel strongly about it and let interest develop as you grow the site. BET seems to be doing pretty damn well.

The only thing that I can’t figure out is that after so many years of fighting for civil-rights and desegregation, there is the BET, black beauty pagents, the black pages, Black Caucas, fraternities and sororities, etc. Basically its now a self-imposed segregation.

Yea that Ol’ Dirty B looks like its from the 70’s…

The logo looks like it was done in Mario Paint.

This is probably not the best place for advice on this. If you do a search and check out typical responses to questions like this, you’ll get a good idea of what to expect. The responses already posted are typical examples. Good luck to you.

So is this for “whiteys” only then? I don’t get it… does it have to be like that? What is it about all “black” stuff. If there was more “all white” stuff then it would be pretty KKK wouldn’t it?