Anyone interested in a collection of architecture books?

I will try to make this quick and to the point…

I just got accepted into a Arch Grad program and am having a hard time gathering the funds necessary to pay for shool + supplies + living expenses… so I have begun to sell off some of my valuables. I recently got engaged to my undergrad sweetheart and now that we are living together I have decided to part ways with many of the books I have collected during my time in architecture undergrad (as we went through the same program, there is no need to have 2 of each book…).

Thus, I am willing to sell off my books… which are all in like new condition, as I was always anal about keeping them so… And so, I was interested in seeing what type of interest there would be for such a collection, and where perhaps would be the best place to advertise this sale.

Thanks in advance for your feedback…

Best Regards,


Put them up on ebay and give us the link!