Anyone in the movie business?

…cg is only part of the creative product design process…films are made to promote action figures, fastfood and theme park rides…welcome to the darkside.

That is the interesting part.

The convergence between the Real and the UnReal.

Unfortunately children do not make this distinction and end up buying all the action figures, eating all the fast-food and theme park rides…don’t adults do the same?

Dont IDers fabricate adult fantasy ?

Hey that’s me!

I’ve been in the film industry for the past 6 years, designing and building props. You can see my portfolio on my site above, but most of the newest stuff isn’t on there as it hasn’t aired yet. I have no formal ID training, but have an engineering degree and have a sense of how to make things look good.

I bet I’ve designed and built many more objects than an average Industrial designer would have over the same time period. Most of our projects timelines are between 1 and 4 days. Anything more than a week is abnormal. Being able to turn out a something that appears to be a consumer product from scratch in a day sets our shop apart from a normal prototyping house.

If anyone has any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

mrd: you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. CG is hardly the only creative element of film/television production. I don’t believe the shows I work on are “art” per se (Battlestar Galactica is pretty much as good as TV gets though), but it is pretty rare that I do anything with gross product placement or simply to boost fast food sales.

What are the chances of a UK educated product designer getting a job in your industry in Vancouver? I’ve previously worked on Batman Begins as a moulding monkey, done loads of GRP work for theme parks/props, and now manage a small workshop/junior designer for a Product/POP/POS Consultancy (very junior…there’s sod all design work at the mo). I’m not overly experienced tho.

Just looking at possibilities.