Anyone in china now?

There used to be a thread on this, but couldn’t dig it up.

Anyone in china at the moment?

I’m currently in dongguan till Sunday.

Up for a meet up if possible. Currently at Royal Lagoon hotel in DG.


I was in DG for the past 2 weeks (visiting our softgoods factories); just got back to Toronto on Saturday night. Seems we just missed each other.

Back in the office today and starting to fade - any tips for adjusting to the 12 hour time difference? It always affects me more coming home.

Melatonin - Find it in the herbal supplement section of your local grocery, or drug store. Works like a charm.

Nobody, really… ? I swear I’ve seen a group from NB and possibly converse and maybe Nike here in the hotel. Guess maybe the reach of core is not as great as I thought.


I do have a few friends in Vietnam right now, but no one I can think of in China

I’ll be in Houjie April 15th…whos around?

It seems to me that some bright iPhone programmer could develop a location-aware app called “Designers in China”. Designers register at Core77 and leave your GPS activated while traveling in China. You could pull up the app on your phone and see which pub or KTV lounge the design crowd is populating that night.

Just a thought…

That would be pretty hilarious!

That would be great. When I was in Hong Kong it was a revolving door of US designers coming through. Since many designer head straight into China now the number must be huge.

I’ll be in the Shenzhen area from 4/19 to 4/28 and then in HK on the weekend of the 24-25th and btw the 28th and May 3rd.

If anyone is going to be around then maybe we can have a little meet up.

That would be awesome. Sorta like foursquare for designers. I always like to play the “which brand are those guys from?” game trying to guess based on look, shoes, language, etc.


I have a friend over there this week and sent him the link… maybe he’ll ping you :smiley:


Btw, my awesome powers of deduction were correct. Met the NB group last nite. It was a pretty easy call. 5 Americans, two pairs of NB, one pair of PFs and a guy with a redsox hat :slight_smile:


I just left DG last wednesday. (Sheraton Hotel)

I will be in Fuzhou from the 4th of april. Still deciding on a hotel though. Tip anyone?

I was there two weeks ago and stayed at the “Depo Hotel”. It was nothing spectacular but, what do you really expect in Fuzhou / Putian? All you can hope for is a good breakfast buffet and a non smoking room.

fuzhou - shangiri-la hotel.

but pronounce it like “shan-gureela” or your taximan will be doing circles for hours.

80usd per night i think, opposite concert hall and near enough to the main drag, stores and a few nice coffee bars with wifi. gym is not too bad either.

nice thread though…can we make it a keeper?



I agree this should be a keeper… but in the “Footwear & Softgoods” section?

Some of us non-shoe guys might not find it except when it pops-up on the home page. I wonder if there is a better way for Core77 to do this. An online calendar with names/locations so you don’t have to read the whole thread to see who is where - when. I would use it when I’m in Shenzhen or Shanghai.

I guess I figured the thread would be more specific to footwear people in China, given they would likely all be around the same places (ie. Dongguan/Houjie, or Fuzhou/Putian) or even in the same ftys…

Though I can see that others may also go to China and want to connect. The difficulty is that once it is opened-up, you also need to include other places in the world, and it would get unmanageable quickly unless there was a thread for every single country.

I think that perhaps the footwear travel is somewhat more location/interest focused, it might be best to keep it where it’s at. If enough other demand for other industries/locations, we could explore it. That or link to another service like Tripit, etc.

I’m open though if there are other ideas. My basic thought is not that footwear is particularly special, or necessarily needs to be treated differently, just that it is a more focused group with more things than in common than perhaps other ID sub-genres/travel places so treating it different is easier implemented.