Anyone here with experience in Faucet Design

Does anyone here have worked with the faucet design industry specifically integrating the Presence sensor into a faucet?

Working on a design concept and looking for some guidance

I have experience with proximity sensors so if you wanted to go over this page and had any questions I might be able to help with real world scenarios.

I am the lead designer for new product development at Chicago faucet company. How can I help?

Here I am, How can I help?

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Awesome, if it’s ok let’s connect via DM? @user9 @jimkildew @bdgCogs

It’s a shame you are going to DM. While I have nothing to do with faucets and cannot contribute in anyway, I am interested in learning more about the subject.

Hello @iab

I apologize but the only reason to move to DM is just for introduction and being able to communicate issue via video call. Also due to conceptual phase and compliance concern not sure how much can be shared on the forum.

But i will make sure to keep updating the thread in the best way

To give some context, i am trying to integrate presence sensor to an existing line. I understand the basic working concept .

I am getting stuck in finding a good vendor to source sensor assembly. Our current vendors don’t have the capabilities.

Other point i am trying to address, is it necessary to have hybrid with handle. If we go for solo motion sensor only, how does cartridge play role in that scenario and how design work around that.

These are major points i am interested in learning

Hello Anmol,
Dont know how it went in DM, but have you check the automated faucet from Ikea? You have both control on it, manual and with a sensor. I have one at home and it work fine, but the sensor placement is critical and I’m not 100% that ikea nail it. the sensor can easily be actived by mistake… like when you clean. In the ikea case they split the water line after the mixer, one with a regular ball valve and one with a solenoid valve. That lead to strange behavior when you dont know which one is open… (ok the handle will be raise but that not always obivious)

When you said to “iintegrate presence sensor to an existing line” do you mean redesign with a presence sensor, so just keeping the form and basic hardware? or a add-on on a existing line?

Sensor sourcing: probalby need more that just a sensor, you need to design your electronic assembly first, like a PCBa with the sensor and components to control the opening time and the alimentation. So you will probably need a external resource for the pcb design. At first you can try yourself with a basic arduino and some parts from digikey/arrow/mouser to determine the behavior and select the right sensors. Afterthat work with a design house to integrate the sensor with your hardware.

Thank you for sharing that, I didn’t know about Ikea faucets. Although I have seen some from other major brands. I will keep in mind the experience you shared. I will definitely look into Ikea line as well now. Regarding DM, yet to make progress.

Yes, for now, the goal is to redesign current product to include presence sensor.

Correct the idea is to source the whole assembly off the shelf instead of reinventing the wheel.

Welcome Bourson,

I’m in the position where I want to start mocking up these types of set-ups. I have been working with Moen Align bathroom line which has the separate mixing valve. Moen wall mount Utility Faucet with a single valve, and an American Standard Serin wall mount bathroom sink faucet.

I just wanted to run my use scenario.

All three faucets have a single mixing valve. This is not for public use but for use in a studio apartment. I think with that I could have 2 modes manual and automatic.

Manual mode everything acts like a faucet. Automatic mode each faucets mixing valve could be left open and at their desired temp and the solenoids and the sensor’s would operate the system.

In my case the manual would always override the “smart system”. Since this is a home rather than public I feel one could adapt and understand eventually.

Do you have any thoughts and thanks for chiming in with your first hand experience.


Here is a quick update :

  • I was able to connect with another designer offline, who suggested me a manufacturer called Sedal. Apparently, they specialize in exactly what I was looking for, sensors for faucets.

  • Currently checking their options and fact sheets and also reaching out to them further to see the feasibility with respect to my design

  • Lastly, regarding the DM conversation, that didn’t work out as couldn’t connect due to the time difference.

But I appreciate all the responses and suggestions i received