Anyone help me please!

I am looking for schools in Europe that have intensive course for ID that only take 1 or 2 years ( kind of like Associate Degree). I have Bachlor degree in Medical Science and been working for 2 yrs, as you can guess I am a little too old to study a new bachlor degree of art and continue on master degree (that takes 5 yrs)by that time I will be 30 to start a job!! but I am just really hate my job now and very interested in Industrial design. Can anyone sort me out what I should do ??? I think if I can find one year course and then can continue on master degree for another 2 yrs will be good for me. Thanks in advance for all of your help and comment!

30 too old? why??

I got a previous bachelors degree in a related field and will graduate with an ID degree when I am 28.

I think if your serious about looking into a career in ID, be make sure its not just a “it’d be nice” thought. You’ve really got to want to do it. I wouldn;’ say you need to study to MA standards. There are a lot of Top designer’s out there with just a BA or even not a degree at all.

If you want to be a ID you’ve got to be passionate about it. If you are then the 4years studying ID will be great and you will wish they lasted longer.

If all the above is true, then look for courses that have strong links with Industry and push you to take up internships and encourage it. Its the experience that gets you the jobs, ID all about networking and who you know. You can leave with a 1st BA(hons) and a great portfolio but if you don;t have the internships or experience then you will find it very hard to get your foot in the door.

from my point of view look for courses which offer a 4year BA(hons) degree as 3years just isn’t long enough. I’m studying at northumbria and in my third year and have only just found my real passion and drive and to be honest I need that extra year of experimentation, experience and guidance before I go out into the big wide world of design, and by that time I will have worked in Hong Kong, London and Scotland which is pretty cool and priceless.

Your never to old to start a career in ID as long as you have that fire and drive inside you and are willing to push yourself.

If your looking for good Universities within Europe. I know there are some great BA courses in ID in the UK such as obviously Northumbria, Central St Martins, Glasgow, Loughbourgh, Coventry to name a few.

p.s Have a look at ID jobs and to get an idea of what you might fancy doing, as more and more Design in opening up and becoming such a broad subject with things such as service, interaction, experience, product and industrial design to name a few.

Good look in what ever you choose. I know I’ve rambled a bit but just don;t want to see you waste your time as since the first year 20 people have dropped out from my course as ID just wasn’t what they expected or they just didn’t put in the work.

Kindest Regards