Anyone heard of the OSO Design House's Bax Bear?

Just curious…since it’s been awhile since I’ve heard about new toys coming from that brand.

Dunno what happened but I stumbled upon their blog site and seems like they are still around doing something new…

Howz the quality of their toys btw?

Interesting - I’ve never heard of that brand. Have they been around for a while?

Any idea if that bear came out before or after the Munny? The similarities are uncanny.

A birdie round the way told me that they been around since 2007 and they got this 24K gold Bax Bear (2.5") figurine that at one point went for $500 on ebay…

yea, thesedaz everybody’s “design” is very similar to the person before…

anybody else bought their toys before?



Spam indeed.

But, it is on topic, so I had to leave it up.

i’m not trying to be a moderator, but this sort of thing really irritates me. It’s insulting to my intelligence. If whoever it is had taken the right approach (like the indonesian wood carving toy), then it wouldn’t be so bad.

oso: fair enough you are trying to promote your brand, but please: be transparent. Don’t pretend to be something you are not. Or better yet, don’t post again.