Anyone hear of MFA program at UT Austin and U of Notre Dame?

:slight_smile: Hi, does anyone hear of MFA program at UT Austin and U of Notre Dame? There are 3 design firm locate at Austin, but the UT has no department of Industrial Design, thus I wonder such MFA in Design program would matter if I want to continue my career in the field of industrial design? Besides, what about the MFA program of University of Notre Dame in IN? Which is better?

Don’t know much about the UT program - isn’t it new?

ND has a couple grads, its a very open program, make it up yourself kind of thing. perfect for self driven exploration.
neither is a design powerhouse - so just what kind of town do you want to live in? or, what periferal to ID do you need excellence in and pick the school with better academics in that disclipline.

what’s your research agenda? or are you just looking for a job…?

UT doesn’t have the department of ID, so it’s just a 2 years MFA program serving for all of industrial design, graphic design, interior design…

I wonder if the UT’s program is less competitive if I want to get a job in the field of industrial design?

If your just changing career paths I’d suggest getting a Bachelors, it’s the more appropriate training.

Sorry, I think I didn’t say clearly. I have a BA degree in Industrial Design. Since I’m an international student, I will study at UT or UND. Thus, I have to make a choice between the MFA program of the two. Do you have any advice?


I am currently at UT Austin in the BFA Design program. The MFA program is very similar to the BFA in that both are broad design programs that deal with all facets of design. We have faculty that are experts in their fields including a design journalist, an architect, typographer, furniture designer, and photographer just to name a few. The Masters program is taught by a few of the same faculty. It is not necessarily an industrial design centered program. It leans a little more towards graphic design but with this program you get much more holistic view on the design world. i hope this helps seeing as how this reply is almost a year too late.

if both programs are equal in your mind…

look at their locations…

Notre Dame, Indiana.

or Austin, TX.

having traveled the US over, it’s hard to beat Austin in any respect (food, people, cost, living, weather, fun, health, government, safety, events, music, nightlife, etc).

that is, if you feel both programs have equal pro’s. but do be sure to visit both places.