Anyone hear from Stanford Design Grad yet?

It’s certainly a time of suspense; I’ve been told that offers go out late Feb to mid march… Is anyone else out there waiting or has anyone gotten their offers yet?

im sooo sad i missed the deadline to apply to this school…

Just curious, does anyone know many students get accepted to this program each year? Based on what I’ve seen from the Master’s thesis presentations, it seemed like a VERY small and elite program.

Stanford itself is exclusive (I like to say exclusionary, but 'm just jealous) in the extreme, but this program even more so…


And I’m in !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Flying out next week for admited student day
Now the tuff choice, IIT Institute of Design or Stanford Joint Masters.

Anyone else out there planning on Stanford or IIT?

Now the tuff choice, IIT Institute of Design or Stanford Joint Masters.

Ok, so you have peaked my curiousity…lets see a link to your portfolio.

You must have a lot of impressive stuff, since you are getting such pretigious acceptances for Grad School - Congratulations by the way! (I would go to Stanford, but then again, I like their tie to Engineering)

I bet that there are a lot of aspiring designers that would benefit from seeing the caliber of your work…

Bio-med Designer,
Check out IIT’s online thesis. lots of medical stuff with the Mayo Clinic…seems like a no-brainer.


Actually I don’t have an online portfolio up yet (I used a print portfolio for applications)

I checked out your webpage though… it looks as good or better then my work, the main dif is I’ve been working for 4 yrs since undergrad and have some medical devices I designed on the market. BTW I did MechE as well. I’ve also studied drawing/illustration/sculpture/film/surface modeling/adobe… part time.

Actually I may have worked on the same stuff you have, did you work with Victor P or Sue M while you were at BD?

Any way, here is some of the products I co -invented/ co-designed.