Anyone heading to IDSA conf in NewOrleans?

I will be attending, but not presenting this year. Any must-see events or presentations? Any design-worthy sites to visit in town? I will have all day Sunday for sightseeing.

I won’t be attending but I highly recommend the ceviche tacos at Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar and Restaurant. They’re outstanding.

I’ll be there. Still planning some events, but should be a good time.

For those that are going, make sure you come to the Members Meeting to get the latest scoop on what’s going on with IDSA, the progress we’ve made and what lies ahead. 1-2pm on Thursday in the Conti Room. Grab a box lunch and come on in to listen, ask questions and get the dialog going. We need your input and participation.

Those tacos sound awesome…


Wish I was going. Budgets are TIGHT this year.


Will there be any video taping of the presentations?

Hey Justin,

My understanding is that they will be recording the whole thing. But don’t hold me to that.

Sorry you won’t be able to make it out this year.


good to hear. I hope they will be posting those videos online.

Yeah I really wanted to make it out, but my travel budget was pulled. Demetrius will be there, so I will put him in contact with you about the Pkg Section.


Sounds good, thanks.


Frenchman Ave in the Marigny is great - I got married at a friends house right in there. Cool un crowded places to have a drink and listen to music. Burbon street is mostly for tourists.

Whirling Dervish, Circle, Dungeon, and Mimi’s are all interesting bars.

Magazine st is good for shopping, lots of cool stores… but it’s across town

wish I were going even more now!

BTW, videos from previous events (like the District Conferences) are starting to be posted on the IDSA website. Right now they live in the Explore section until we have a separate page for them. We know it’s been slow going, but for anyone who’s had to collect, manage, edit , resample, post videos, you know how cumbersome and time consuming it can be. Check out what’s there and know there will be more coming.



Heading down tomorrow…

Excited for my first time in NO.

Really excited for the Arduino workshop Teague is giving.

Not so excited to read that they eliminated the open bar from the IDSA parties…something tells me given the locale the closing party may be poorly attended…

is Core77 sponsoring a party this year?

Yes, 9pm at DBA Lounge on Frenchman St.