Anyone Heading to Chicago for NeoCon?

As the subject states, I’m heading down for one of the days (maybe into the night a bit) to look around and do complimentary market research, but would love the chance to meet up with other designers and grab a drink.

Has anyone heard of any ID focused after parties? Anyone heading down on certain days? (the guerrilla truck show is no longer happening right?)

I’ll be there in the Steelcase showroom rocking some great new turnstone products!
Come say hi.

Going to Chicago for other reasons, but planning to swing by for a bit on Tuesday.

Small world, Modern Man was there. Did you see him?

Nice to bump into you! Went back down to the Steelcase room and had another look at the Campfire stuff. Liking the Skate table a lot, and the subtle lines on the back of the small bent ply table.