Anyone have recommendations for head mounted video cameras?

I’m having an increasing need to take first person video and having a difficult time finding a suitable camera to do so. I was really stoked on the Looxcie until I realized that it maxed out at 480p video. The Go Pro stuff would fit the bill if it didn’t have to be mounted to a helmet or head band…

Anyone have any recommendations?

Check out Contour

it looks nice, but it needs a headband or helmet, just like the go pro…

How else do you plan on wearing it if you don’t need a hat/helmet/headband? Mount it to your skull?

Creepy sunglasses?

Lol @ the forum autocorrect filters for my original post.

ear mount would be nice. such as:

or yes… the creepy glasses. Actually, it looks like taser axon discontinued their ear mount product in lieu of a glasses mounted one.

Do you guys not feel that having something as bulky as a helmet strapped to your head would affect the user in first person analysis video?

I guess it’s just tough to beat the quality you get from a go pro. Is it imperative you have a head mount? Or could it be strapped to their shoulder or chest or something?

I think the head mount is important. Short of being able to afford eye tracking glasses, it’s the best way to know where the user is actually looking.