anyone have "FIFA 09: Be a Pro - Seasons" game?

Just wondering if anyone here has a copy of the FIFA 09 game. I’ve just found out that in the FIFA 09: Be a Pro - Seasons game there is the choice of boot that I designed (hummel 6.4 PIO FGX) and would love to get a screenshot for the portfolio.

If anyone has and can email me a pic, it would be greatly appreciated.

my email is

with thanks,


Are you wanting a computer screen shot? I can get a picture off a television, might not be ideal. But it’ll give me an excuse to rent the game and a new game for me and my roommates to play.

ya i guess a pic from a TV would be the only thing possible. forgot this was a console game. anyhow, if you do rent it (im not paying, sorry), and can grab something, even if it’s not that good quality (for the portfolio), i’d still be interested to see.