Anyone have any experience with Objet RP machines?

Have you used their RP machines?
Have you dealt with the company?

Hi Ryan,

What in particular would you like to know? We have an Objet Eden 260 which we’re mostly happy with - the resolution is extremely good for instance, but the reliability has been patchy and the support cleanup process is a pain.
The company can be a bit opaque in the way it works but the ongoing support has been good and the (UK) support technician we’ve had is absolutely first rate.


That’s pretty much what i was looking for, just a review of the reliability and service.

Are you using the Balco water blast cabinet for support cleanup?
How has that been?

Are you also soaking your parts in a sodium hydroxide solution?

we’re not soaking in sodium hydroxide for site health and safety reasons unfortunately. If you have the freedom to do this, I’ve heard the results are much better although you still need a jetwash.

The balco unit is simple but effective - build quality could be better though.
Luckily unlike a prototyping machine, any problems with this can be fixed with a wrench or by hitting with a hammer :wink:

If Objet launched a PP equivalent material (and/or other simulated plastics) that would massively improve the usefulness of the machine for us. Functional prototypes would be a possibility. The existing material we use just doesn’t have the flex needed for things like snap-fits.