anyone have an idea about royal academy of art(KABK)?

hi, first I want to say hi to all, its my first post here :slight_smile: hello guys. I have questions to ask, lots of them. hope you’ll be patient enough to read :stuck_out_tongue:

you should be aware of that this is a long post and does indeed have many points totally unrelated to subject. I am interested in graphic design, not ID, and I am not sure graphic design discussion is allowed here. if not, my apologies, delete this. otherwise, I’m looking forward to hear your thoughts. here it goes:

Who I am? I should first introduce myself. I’m a senior year high school student from turkey. I have grown up with thoughts of being an engineer or doctor, or something of domain of science, and I have a considerable amount of knowledge in these fields as a result. Everything’s fine. only thing not fine is I changed my mind. actually, I didn’t change my mind, when I started to think about what the heck I was going to earn my life with, it was rather obvious. I think I like science, maths etcetera, but I love to design. I have designed for two yearly magazines, made some posters, you know, high school stuff. I learned many things when doing these (mostly murphy’s laws rediscovered, and many things about CMYK color space and how it’s incompatible with RGB colors) to get it short, I tasted it and it’s heavenly to create something from scratch and seeing it distributed everywhere, watching people examining it, talking about it. as it’s my last year, I am expected to apply universities I wanted to study, I first tried Gerrit Rietveld Academie in the Netherlands. I got a reject, but they advised me to take their preparatory course, and upon completion I would be admitted to first year without another interview if I successfully finish it. I then tried royal academy of fine arts of the Netherlands (known as KABK- Koninklijke academie van beeldende kunst) and I was accepted. but, although I have heard rietveld is a very good school, I don’t have a clear idea how good kabk is. I only know they are famous for their typography. my first question is about this, do you know anything about these two schools? I want to study in the Netherlands, but I have no idea how its like to live in there. I think you fellows mostly live in the north America, but who knows? I want to know if there are any european graphic designers who would want to help me :slight_smile: I have been crawling in the interwebs for past two months, so any information about how its like to be a designer in Europe is invaluable for me. any thoughts? I also want to know if it is possible to live a decent life with graphic design. is that possible or people I have been talking to were a little bit hopeless? to be straight, I’m a little scared. I was talking to Turkish graduate of kabk and she said me something like that.(translation)

“in there(den haag and the Netherlands) it’s very hard for people who finish an art school to find a job. there’s no money here too, and it’s a tremendously niche market, there’s lots of graduates and few jobs. the quality is extremely high and the employers are highly selective. in my opinion kabk is somewhere like a course rather than an university, graphic design department is good, but as I have said finding a job upon finishing it, is hard. If I were you, I would try an university in turkey, and upon doing my research, a grad school in Europe.”

kind of frightening. I want a decent income, and a good life doing the job I love(as we all desire) I don’t mind working hard to be a good designer, I enjoy it, I can learn coding, css, asp, and everything I would need. I am interested in art, I take photos(which I held an exhibition upon invitation) I read literature and love it. I read philosophy, politics, sociology, anthropology, I am reading about theory of art and its place in modern world nowadays. I’m struggling with oil painting, but I mostly suck :slight_smile: you get the idea. I’m sorry if this sounded a little bit snooty, blame me not, blame my English, I’m not that used to write in it.(sorry, by the way, for any errors I might have made) to make things further complicated, I also like biology, chemistry, and maths, and I have enough diploma points to get into a decent medicine school, or engineering. (If I go to the KABK, I’m thinking about double major in graphic design and molecular biology) but if you ask what you LOVE to do, I’d say design and I would say without doubt. Anyway, I digress. The question is, I have opportunity to follow jobs with decent incomes, and earning money is graphic design seems so hard for me(immense competition) is that so really?(at least in Europe?) I don’t want to take an online course, and I hate the thing that everyone owns a copy of photoshop says that he/she is a designer. I designed magazines of 120 pages, printed 1500 each, I made posters for festivals, I have created a website for my school’s needs(no, no flashing buttons :stuck_out_tongue:) I will be designing for a nationwide charity in the summer for their activities, and yet I don’t see myself as a designer. not until I take a formal education in design. it’s like that. To simplify it, a)I want to know how good kabk is and if I could meet a student of kabk b) your suggestions about good design schools in Europe(taught in english) c) if it is possible to earn decent money from design(I wont mind working hard) d) how it is like being a designer. any ramblings about anything even remotely connected to them are more than OK. I need to hear you from you designer folks that you have enjoying your life :slight_smile: it’s end, I think. thank you for reading. I’d love to hear what you think.

yup im pretty interested in european schools in engish medium too