Anyone has Cintiq LCD/tablet?

I have been thinking about getting one of Wacom’s Cintiq 18.
But since the price is so high and there’s no store to go and try what it is like, I can’t really judge on its function or ability.

If you had used or you have one, would you please tell me how it changed
your design process?
Does it really like pen on paper feeling?
What about its marker tool ability? Is believable?

Thank U for your suggestion.

in terms of rendering, the cintiq’s are great depending on which program you are using, however, if you’re just thinking of quick sketching, i prefer good ol’ pen and paper. It feels better than the older tablets that make you look at the monitor but draw on the table, however, it definetly takes some getting use d to since the plastic of the screen does not give like paper would. I have also heard of and seen some problems with them scratching, or the cord in the back being damaged creating a green hue over the entire screen. Overall, if you can spare the money, go for it, but seeing that youre a design student, i would just get better at drawing and rendering the old fashion way. Or find an internship that’ll let you use theirs :slight_smile: .

We have one here, and I like it, but as a student I think there are better ways to spend the money. Use that cash to go to some design shows, improve projects, etc… As stated above, its really fun to render with, but I agree that I like to sketch on pen and paper. Its all about the feedback I get. I just can’t sketch well on the tablet. I feel like I’m back at grade school sketch level. Its a good tool for the rendering stage of the design process if you have the 2500… I don’t think the 15" would be worth it at all. Too small and you can’t turn it… Just spend a bit more and get the 18.

thanks for your advice.
I had already ordered the item. 18" tablet.
Although I do not have enough $$ to spend on something that I don’t
require for the school, I researched that this would help me to process
good portfolio works as well as digital drawing skills.
When I visited the car design site, I have seen some talented students
already had used this tool to present professional level looking renderings, and it sure is different from pen on paper feeling.
However, the cintiq is out of order and I’m just waiting to get here.

Have you gotten your 18" cintiq yet? I just got the 6x8 graphire and after 3 days of playing with it I’m convinced. For coloring scanned sketches it is a major leap in productivity, not to mention the ability to change colors, undo, layering, transparency, etc. etc. etc.

For detailed hand work it is unusable, however. There is just something missing between the hand and the screen, so I’m getting ready to swallow the expense of the cintiq. I’m looking at the 15" (cost reasons alone) and am curious if the bigger size is worth it.

There doesn’t seem to be a place to try-before-you-buy. Unless someone in nyc area wants to invite me over to try theirs?