Anyone had this happen to them???

Hello all, I would love to know if this has happened to any of you. This past summer I went for broke. I decided to go for a job doing exactly what I love to design. SCUBA equipment. My senior thesis was based on a scuba system for parapelegics. So I went back to it with the knowledge that I now have and re-designed the entire project with the research I had already done. It was beatutiful, I found a local manufacturer in the Bay Area and decided to attack them. I told them that I was a business student working on my MBA and would just like to ask a few questions (which is true). My point here was to not go directly to the design department, but to start with the marketing dept. and get recommended to design. Well it worked “I just have a few questions about the future of the SCUBA industry, and oh by the way here is some of my work”. Like a charm it worked. I CEO was calling me the head of their sister company was calling me and I was given a test to see what I could do. Well I passed the test with flying colors. Then it was time for another test, only this one I get paid for. So I solve this problem with a new product of theirs and everyone is happy. And then NOTHING. I have not heard back from them in 2 months. No money, no replys to my emails or phone calls. Just NOTHING. I now feel useless, embarassed and confused. I still have school but this was one of my greatest accomplishments and now it is nothing. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? and does anyone know what my next step should be? The money is not as important to me as resolve. Thanks for your ears :?

The money is important. They will respect you more if you go after that. and while you are at it remind them how well everything went and suggest you are are interested in doing another. I am an architect, a I had done some work for a guy, and hoped it would bring more work, after not hearing from him for a while, I called him up to chat and boom, he gave me 3 more jobs.

have you gone to their office personally and recontacted the individual(s) you worked with/for?

did you have any kind of contract or work agreement before you started?

have you billed them for your work…?

I think you are right it would be important for me to take a more drastic approach such as going to the office and talking to them.

We do have a written agreement between us, there is no signature, but it has company stationary. I also have billed them, sent them an invoice which they said they revcieved it, (and were mailing out a check this week or next) this was a month ago.