Anyone got the scoop on the Core77 Napkin Sketch?

Has the judging been completed. Have the announcements already gone out?


Yes, I have been contacted- apparently results will be posted this week.



OooooOoooh. Looks like somebody was a big winner. Coongratulations :smiley:

congrats to all the winners! the drawings are really well illustrated and their effort is WOW!! The winners have put alot of effort and i applaud them.

anyway, i think the competition and the judges have lost the quintessence of a simple napkin. Shouldn’t a napkin contain the core and basic of a beautiful idea based on your inspiration (on the water theme) and not subjected to endless beautiful illustrations with more indept details, if so its just another design competition.

maybe i am naive and thought its a one design one napkin rule, should have read it more closely. if so i apologise for the questions posed and the concerns that i have brought up.

Lastly, thanks for listening and congrat to the winners again.

Below is the link to the rules and guidlelines.

Looks like some new sketches were added to the “notables” section Friday, that I didn’t see before.

I agree, it says in the brief its one napkin per design. Looks like the winner used three napkins for one idea… not fair I don’t think.

The napkins are great though, its a nice change from typical “render marthon competitions”.

3 napkins…HUH? clearly one napkin on the winning design