Anyone got the scoop on new tablet laptops?

Looking to get a tablet convertible laptop to run Alias Sketch and Rhino.
All the ones on the market seem to be long in the tooth and kind of old. Anyone know if a new one is coming out soon and by which manufacturer? Looking to hold out at least another couple more months to get the latest.

I’d like to know if anyone knows of any new tablet pcs coming out too.

Word has it there’s a new, improved Centrino that should start shipping with laptops early next year… it sounds like it’s pretty sweet and will update the models that have been on the market for a while.

I’ve been researching tablets for a long time and finally ordered one - a Toshiba m200. It’s the only one on the market with a higher-res screen (1400x1050) and also includes an nVidia video card (for those Flamingo renderings), plus a 7200 rpm 60GB hard drive option. The screen is what made sold me - it makes a HUGE difference when you have a lot of menus on the screen, or when you’ve got a 4-view layout in Rhino.

The only real downers are the price and the fact that there’s not a VA option for the screen. There are a lot of tablets out there with 180 degree viewing angles and are viewable in direct sunlight, but the’re all lower-res versions.

keep watching these sites for tablet PC info: