Anyone going to NAHBS this year?

This is the first time I’ve been remotely proximal to the show and had the time/funds to go. Really looking forward to meeting some of the folks who’s instagrams I’ve been following.

Folks that have gone in the past - any recommendations on how much of the event to stay for? Is the whole weekend worth it, or better just try to walk the floor in one day and be out?

I did Indianapolis 5-6? years ago. One day was good for me. But I also can do Interbike in a day. There is only so much I want to look at.

They should do Chicago some year. Probably don’t like our exhibit unions.

I’ve heard about this! My partner has an independent yard dying business and hits a lot of conferences. I remember in Chicago she said they weren’t allowed to use their own handcarts because of union rules, and had to pay extra for the union folks to move stuff for them. I think that might keep me from making the trip. (as a vendor)

I’ve never been but I bet there are some sweet parties. I’d stay the night. :smiley:

Thanks for the advice. I think the connection between bike builders and beer had slipped my mind. :smiley:

Exhibit 1:

It’s important to know your market. haha

If you go, talk to Erik from Peacock Groove. Should be memorable, for sure.