Anyone going to join RCA this oct?

Anyone going to join RCA this oct?

I have an admit for the interaction design course but no fiancial aid… so may not join :frowning:

Yes!!! sooo expensive, so… applying for the scholarship…
anyone else?

no luck with scholarships so far… :frowning:

I also thinking of UIAH in Finland ot RCA in London
UIAH is free!! but other one is RCA.

what about you GM. any back up plan?

anyone know about RCA interviews? and their application procedure is it very hard? applying for oct. 2006. have no idea what to expect for interview, if i get to the stage. :confused:

I’d like to know details on the procedure as well, and how good d I have to be to get scholarship? What experience, design or non-related, must I have to be considered?

also I heard that Product design masters is a one-year program. Is it true?

RCA product design MA is a two year course, after getting selected on the basis of your folio you get an interview, this consists of several tutors, the head of the dept. (namely Ron, but a bit unclear at the moment, as far as i know), and plus a current student. There is also an english test after that, when english is not your first language.

The Interview can consist of up to seven people, as was my case, and they might try to stress you to death (and they enjoy it the bastards). It is a wonderful experience though. (when you leave the interview, invariably you guess you didn’t get it), Good luck guys.

ono, Are you studying at RCA? And what do you mean by “a bit unclear at the moment about Ron”

does the interview consist of art history questions? current art knowledge…? what do you think they really want to know? is the interview more about the candidate’s ideas about art or its more to do with how aware he/she is of what is going on in the art world (past and present) basically do they want to know your opinion or do they want to know how much you know??? if you know anything about the painting department… thanks!

anybody currently attending RCA?? please help. looking for anyone to tell me what happens in their interview. can you come out alive??? in painting. but any dept will help. or if you know anyone attending and can pass on an email address. i will not misuse or stalk.

Sorry no info bout painting, in products (where i graduated) the exam is more about yourself and your work, although they might ask for current art or design affairs, but just to check how you react to pressure. The ron stuff is that he had a break as the head (for a while), or so i heard.
If you want to know more, please ask, i will post later, busy now.

That was me

ono, how was design product course there? did you have a good time there?
I want to know more information because I have to choose one between Design products at RCA and the Applied Art and Design programme at University of Art and Design Helsinki. Both are interesting, very hard to decide.

thank you

Hi tk,
I had a really good time there, you will definetely get a lot, either from the environment, students, or tutors (or all of them) but mostly from yourself,
The couse is very wide in its range, you will find (six?) differnt platforms with differnt tutors, and different approaches, although the hard core product design is a bit “under represented” at the moment, (there are much more people into furniture, and “designer objects”), but the students sort of set the path every year.
I guess that is general to any master course, if anything the RCA has very good contacts, when it comes to studios, or organisations, and being an only-masters school, you´ll find a lot of very professional designers and artists from everywhere and with very different backgrounds, you can really get “into the design circuit” if you take your chances.
As a drawback, the course might feel a bit “loose” at some points, so you really need to set your timings, and your boundaries, (that can be a drawback or a really good training, it depends on your personnality).

I don´t know about the Helsinki one, but i do know of a high standard in Finnish design schools.

So basically I do recomend it, especially when you come over from somewhere else, the whole London experience is very remarkable. (although the food and the weather are less remarkable…can´t have everything)

Thank you for your good information, ono.
Are you working in London?


So, which school you’ll choose? Quite hard choices.
Best luck on your decision :wink:

hi, i am n industrial design stiudent here in india.I wasnt to pursue product design at rca after this. Two od my seniors are into vehicle design there but unfortunately i have lost contacts with them.'just wanted to confirm if the placements from RCA after the course completion is open for foreign students like me.In pd, which all companies could come for ythe final plcement.Thanx ono

Not sure I understand your question, once you finish the course, ~If there are design opportunities to work in companies it depends on you, the contacts you make, your portfolio, must admit that when the college can promote someone, there is always “the chosen ones”, I bet that’s the same everywhere.But there is no such thing as a placement scheme after the course completion.