Anyone going to Device Design Day?

I’m pretty interested in going, but it’s a little pricey as a student. poop.

I might go… haven’t decided yet.

There’s some pretty interesting speakers (and some less so…). Hopefully they won’t jack up the price later on. I’d definitely go if I can find someone to take the Caltrain up to the city with me, haha.

Just registered. Anyone else?
Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 12.25.38 PM.png

Sounds fun, but that beast is sold out, and I’m not located near SF.

It’s an event intended for professionals, but do you think it’s appropriate for me to make myself some quick business cards and pass them out during the conference to get my portfolio out there? I’ve still got a year left, so my folio isn’t the best it could be yet. Should I just get people’s contact info and contact them later or spread my folio now?

How was it? Couldn’t make it, I was with clients all day.