anyone going to BDCi?

I’ll in the Shenzhen area next month, and was wondering if anyone was going to BDCi. Which days will you be there? What do you expect to see?

is that a show there? like Cbit or something?

It is a show, yes.

“BDCI is a place where businesses and creative minds from China and around the world can converge and share insights. Whether you are a brand owner or designer, don’t miss this opportunity to become a part of the world’s fastest growing creative market.”

Check out the website for info:

That does look like some show… Phillpe Stark, Rita Sue Siegle, Karim Rashid, Harmut Eslinger, to name a few speakers there

I missed the IDSA National in DC this year, might have to try to make this one if I can manage the tix

Do you think this would offer the same ID networking and contact making that the National seems to?