Anyone ever work for Mark Newson?

Thinking about going to London for a while. I have some friends out there for start-up support. I want to work/intern while I am there and I figure I might as well aim high.

Does anyone know anything about Newson’s studio? Does he have an internship program, or has anyone ever worked for him first hand? What skills does he look for? Opinions about him?


You might want to think about maybe going to France, rather than England if you want to work in Marc Newson’s studio…

France? The contact info. on his website lists London.

Retfareve, your post implies you know something I do not about Mark Newson’s studio. Any info to share? Or maybe you could send me some more condescending bull****.

I would appreciate any information about his studio.


I am not sure if this helps but a friend of mine whose company hired Newson indicated that they do have interns. We spoke about it in confidence but I will direct him to this thread, he knows more about it than I do. He also said that the people working with him seemed to really enjoy the team work.


Thanks for the input. I will give the studio a call to find out more info.

Any idea about the location?


I believe that his office is still in london.

his office is def. in london. Well thats HQ anyway and yes he does take on interns but not sure how much he would be willing to pay out