Anyone ever use US-Circle?

I’m from the chicago area, and my colleagues and I have tried getting jobs thru this agency called us-circle-chicago. They claim to have connections with the top design companies in chicago, but I have not heard diddly-squat from them, and I have 4+ years of professional experience! I mean, if you’re going to only pick the lowest hanging fruit, based on a Word resume or website, without even the common courtesy of a personal interview, how can you possibly know what lurks in my offline portfolio, or what I have to offer as a candidate? Frankly, a website is a silly way to gauge someone’s totality anyway.

If anything, a personal interview is at least meant to establish a rapport with a candidate, as well as guage their overall attitude. Only thing this company seems to be good at is turning away perfectly qualified candidates. Their job descriptions all blatantly say that if you do not meet a particular job’s requirements, you will be “casually” refused. None of the jobs I’ve applied to were out of my league.

Just wondering because the 2 other creative staffing firms I use brought me in for an interview almost immediately after sending my resume to them. Please tell me I’m not alone here folks.

Some search firms can be a little shady. Just looking for numbers and “keywords”. To find stuff in chicago, check out
That’s a pretty comprehensive list of consultancies with a few manufacturers in the area. Hunt around to get addresses and contact info for those places, most are on the net, and you’ve just done pretty much what any headhunter could do for you. Send in you’re teasers, resumes, coverletters, usb keydrives or whatever. I personally know of 10 places on the list that will get back to you if your teaser entices them. A few of them have even cold-called me just from my semi-crappy corefolio.
Good luck, I don’t think you really need a headhunter for this area so you should be fine doing it solo.[/url]

I spoke with them this past summer. I found the guy I spoke with rather rude and arrogant. I haven’t had this problem with any other agency in Chicago.

I will never deal with them because of how rudely I was treated on the phone. There are so many agencies in the city. Have you tried buzzco?