Anyone ever use MODO?

Hi there. I’m an industrial designer/engineer/creative whatever you want to categorize me as currently working in an Advertising “Think Tank.” Anyways… I was challenged at work to start taking on some motion graphics/3D animation work. I’m super excited about it but the program that our parent umbrella corporation is providing me with is very different than what I’m used to… I have several years of Solidworks work experience under my belt and I’ve used Rhino also in a work environment. So I think this is a pretty cool opportunity. I’ve looked at a lot of the videos of what the program is capable of doing. Just curious if anyone has any insights, directions, or thoughts. I already have access to all the tutorials (all 6 of them…).

Thoughts? Ever use Modo? I’m using 501 which is apparently 2 versions old already. Any help or advice would be appreciated.


modo is great. SubD modeling is an exciting way to work, and modo has billions more features on top of that. The Solidworks kit makes for a somewhat seamless to integration into a CAD pipeline.

As with most CG programs there is an entire lifetime of learning you cold do on it, so don’t expect to scratch the surface in days or even weeks.

If you want better tutorials, check out, there’s vastly more videos (300+) about modo than on Lynda.

I started to get into Modo, the product materials and studio lighting kit they have are pretty awesome tools, but at the end of the day it ended up being more power than I really needed and I ended up moving to Keyshot.

Modo is next on the list to learn/use for me. With the braid art labs plugin that demoed recently I think it marks a turning point in my design toolset. Looking forward to getting deeper into it.