Anyone ever design a perfume or liquor bottle?

If so, can you share a little about what you were given to go on and how the project played out?

They seem like such precious packages that you covet just as much as what is inside, and I’ve always been curious about the background…

They seem like such precious packages that you covet just as much as what is inside,

Not to get all weepy-eyed and nostalgic on you all, but I still have an empty Chanel bottle that was my mother’s; #5 was her favorite. It reminds me of her whenever I see it, and I have a hard time picking it up without a tear coming to my eye because the lingering fragrance is such a powerful reminder of her.

Precious packages indeed.

I love it when a woman has a distinct scent. My ex used to freak out if anyone close to her ever had the same perfume as she did - she wanted the scent to remind people of just her

What’s so interesting to me is the concentration of design that’s put into the container for the product, and it’s all based around the intangible allure of the product

I mean, let’s face it - who hasn’t chosen a liquor based on the bottle alone… especially Volkas… a decision like that can be less about flavor, more about feeling like the right thing for you to buy

I’ve designed a few fragrance bottles. Each one has been a little different. A lot of the time you have free reign when designing. Sometimes they give you a sample of the scent and some words that they feel describe it. Other times they have already done a photo shoot and you can pick up forms from some of the imagery. I find that the price point and cost of goods will also drive the design quite a bit (this is sad i know, i try to stay away from thinking like this). Molding with glass is so much different than with plastic. Often how you treat the glass will drive tooling costs significantly.