Anyone else watched "Zeitgeist"?

equilibrium is a good one with a similar message…came out a while ago but just like Network, and with the advent of the patriot act, it’s more relevant now than when it was initially released.

$5 at best buy, booyeah!

…plus gun-kata is just plain cool!

more to get one thinking…

and if i didn’t seem crazy enough, check this article out…,0,4350780.story

google the names that he’s appointed and check out what most of them are tied to. i see a conflict of interest a-brewing.

I very rarely lose my temper but…

Jacque Fresco!!!


Utopian. Unrealistic. He seems to have forgotten his education on manufacturing and production techniques.

I want to punch him in the face!!!

(although his old-school renderings and models were pretty good)

Jacque Fresco, haha, seriously sounds like the name of a french artist character from a Ben Stiller movie.


“Zeitgeist” is a great movie! The only part that may be %100 factual is beginning (the religious part). The rest may or may not be %100 true. It at least keeps your eyes open to other possibilities than what the media wants you to know.

Guru rating… A+

Here’s a few more movies in the same genre:

King Corn
Fahrenheit 9/11
Religulous (Bill Maher)


i quite like these movies for the nut-job aspect. i have a friend who has all of them ranging from MKULTRA mind control to 2012 & the search for planet X…

i just love it for the modern mythology and quasi science fiction aspects.

zeitgeist was quite cool though / really really annoying. my main issue with these home made jobs (and DIY documentary making is SUCH an awesome thing, one of the best things to come out of the internet maybe) is that they need to HIRE a professional narrator - it screws up the aesthetic hearing the guy who produced it fumble up the words all the time. often the narration is just plain incoherent.

picking out little pieces here and there is cool. i went to see the sumerian cylinder seals at the british museum just because i heard about them from conspiracy doco’s.

not saying i believe them all, but i appreciate the effort and the free speech involved.

although i fwded the zeitgeist part about financial institutions & banking families engineering the depression / fed reserve slavery to our CFO and he seemed to think it was pretty spot on. which was cool.

i like the movies like i like science fiction so yeah, bring it on i say!

Hey guys,

I dont post much at all but visit these forums every day for the last couple of years. Just thought i would make a quick post regarding the religious aspects presented in the first movie. As a Christian I was recently asked by a non-christian friend to watch it and tell me what i thought. Overall it was well presented and easy to watch but from looking around at other forums i noticed that people seem to view it just as a conspiracy theory movie except for the religious parts which are accepted as “100% fact”.

I just thought i would make some links to some response sites i found if anyone is interested - it addresses the claims made in the movie one by one.

Both sites are offering money for people if they could actually support the claims the movie makes in regards to the Jesus comparisons. Although i think the second one may have been abandoned.


I aggree with the comments about first part being true (IMHO) and the rest not so sure. I enjoyed the movie from one perspective, that it dares to speak out loud about things many would choose to ignore just out of mental safety :smiley: its good that someone comes out and shows another view, bending the traditional values is not such a bad thing since most unpleasant incidents generate themselves out of dogmatic beliefs.


Dan Brown meets a bumpkin and they decide to make a film.

Read Noam Chomsky

Don’t believe what you don’t know to be 100% fact. Its dangerous. Its exactly how Nazi Germany started.

Don’t even believe Noam Chomsky but at least he is a scholar in two fields. Not something many people can claim.

To say that the Republicans where behind 9/11 is sooooooooooo utterly stupid. They couldn’t even run the fucking country let organise and cover up something so HUGE

OMG, I watched it about a month ago on youtube, totally freaked me out! The religion thing wasn’t really new for me, and the terrorism stuff was a bit…expected, but the banking stuff is what got me, especially the thing on income taxes.

I dont know a whole lot on that type of thing so perhaps I was more easily swayed, but does anyone have anything they have to say on that part?

The thing about zeitgeist isn’t the way it explains what it questions, because it doesnt give good sourcing to its evidence, but it does give you more motivation to pay attention to what’s happening around you and do your own research, something I think people are having a lot of trouble doing right now because there’s just so much out there to try to digest.

I think a little suspicion in government affairs is healthy. That’s why we’re supposed to have checks and balances.