Anyone else watched "Zeitgeist"?

watch it with an open mind and get your world rocked.


any more info on what its about?

im trying to one stop shop here… avoid having to google it! :stuck_out_tongue:

you can watch it for free on google.

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Just be sure to watch the second one. The first is very interesting, but does not have the design perspective that the second has. The ID guy about halfway through the film makes some excellent points.

it’s basically a documentary on how the government uses a three-pronged attack to subdue and keep the masses in check. religion, debt and fear.

it’s not a paranoid-propaganda-consipracy film because it is historically accurate and most everything in it can be double-checked and verified. it’s ‘out there’ in the sense that it wakes you up and makes you more consious. it opens your eyes to a lot of things that most people didn’t even know about or cared to know about. backgrounds, reasons and agendas to wars, the depression, how banks work…it’s all stuff people think they know about or know enough about, but in reality, they have no idea.

i downloaded it a while back (it was a free torrent download from the filmakers), but have yet to see it. I was thinking it’s more along the lines of Michael Moore conspiracy type thing, but if you say it’s not, i may check it out… i’m just not into propaganda movies…


most def NOT propaganda…it’s just a lot to take in. all the people i’ve suggested it to have come back either with a will to make this world better, or totally dismayed that they’re wiser for the worse.

cool. thanks for the heads up. ill take it in this weekend, hopefully and report back :wink:


I’ve seen the old one a while back and the new addendum. I’d say it’s worth watching if you are looking at it as presenting an alternative viewpoint on things. I know a lot of the stuff is probably dead on but some stuff can be a little subjective. The second one in that regards is a lot better since it leaves out a lot of the stuff in the first one that will instantly make some people tune out (you know, what almost always instantly happens if you start to talk bad about someones kids or religion, that type of stuff, instant tune-out).
The information on the banking system is a complete mind blow for the majority of people who probably know nothing about how things are really done and only know what the public has generally been taught. I’d say just for that alone it’s worth the admission, to see behind the scenes of something that completely controls all of us (unless you’re living in the woods somewhere off the grid).
So if you do watch the first one, prepare to be possibly offended if you’re a really intense religious person as it’ll pose some questions that you’re not even supposed to question at all. I think that if you’re secure, it shouldn’t bother you but if not, it’ll make you think. If you can make it through that section without deciding that the rest of the video must be complete garbage (which is unfortunately the first section so it’s probably keeping a lot of people from staying tuned to see a lot of the information that’s more directly applicable in the other sections) you’ll be very shocked at how a lot of things are set up to work.
The second one is good, a little familiar though if you already know about the stuff that they present from other sources.
I’m curious about what others have to say about it, if anyone finds it offensive. I definitely think the first has a slant to it, once you point fingers it looks like you’re accusing a whole group which has all kinds of bad backlash. I don’t have anybody in my household that I can show it to (easily offended, don’t question some stuff or even speak about it types) but I’d like to hear the debate on it.

same here, skinny. my dad’s a minister so i won’t even waste my time trying to ask his take on this. if anything, for people who do have strong feelings about religion and faith, it at least makes you question ‘why’ you believe in something, right? depending on how you take the information thrown at you, it can either shake your faith, or reinforce it through research.

as for finding it offensive, i admit, i was a little jarred, but it just reinforced the idea that a faith is a faith for a reason. not because it’s backed by books and facts, but because it’s something you feel and believe with your heart.

the banking stuff, on the other hand, sent me into a spiral of despair. i seriously couldn’t sleep that night i saw it. i mean, i wanted to get out and protest right then and there. i felt so helpless and insignificant…a speck of dust caught in the winds of bush and his war mongering (again, depending on where you stand politically, you may or may not tune it off because you don’t like what you’re hearing). to learn that we’re basically set up to be in debt, and that capitalism is an illusion to keep us believing we live in a free society made me want to run away to europe.

don’t even get me started on how every war the US has participated in was all for the profit of private bankers and how events were falsified in order to rile the populace up to support war.

check this article out too, it’s a great supplement…

oh yeah, i work for jp morgan chase =/

OK, I saw.

You say it isn’t a “propaganda movie”? It’s nothing but! 100% conspiracy theories, little or no proof or citations, and almost purely subjective. Terrible.

I don’t even know where to start, and certainly can’t be bothered to check all the so-called “facts” they throw about, but I’ll just point out one thing…

They mentioned something about a North American Union and “Amero” currency. It’s sounded interesting, and I had never heard of it so did a quick google search…

According to what I found (wiki and a few other links), it doesn’t exist in any official capacity, nor has ever been supported by any officials of the countries involved…

Anyhow, the movie was maybe OK popcorn fodder, but that’s it, IMHO. Film-wise, it jumped around so much from religion to money to wars to world control that it’s pretty hard to take anything said very seriously and to me, at least, didn’t seem the least bit compelling. 1-sided, grand theories and links between everything is the fodder for tinfoil hatted people…

While I’m not saying that perhaps some of the stuff mentioned isn’t possibly true, I hardly think the entire world and media is in on some giant conspiracy and this filmaker is the the only one with the truth…that’s a hard nut to swallow.


ok so im still undecided on whether or not to watch the first one. whats this about a 2nd film with an ID guy in it?

jono is that you?

I posted a link to Zeitgeist: Addendum documentary a while back and was surprised there was little feedback since about a third of the documentary involves an industrial designer and his society concept.

rkuchnisky, what one did you watch? Zeitgeist: Addendum is a lot better than Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist (the first one), while entertaining and thought provoking, it’s a little far fetched and I wasn’t convinced.

Addendum though is a lot better and very interesting, especially for designers. If you still haven’t seen this one I definitely recommend it, it’s put together a lot better, features industrial designers, still has an amateur feel but there’s an improvement. It still should be took with a pinch of salt but I felt after watching it, even if all of it’s claim are conspiracy theories it still makes some very good points.

Personally, Addendum really had an impact on me as a designer. It really made me reconsider what I want to do for the rest of my life, and while it’s not solely down to the Addendum, what I want to do when I graduate and what I think of Design is totally different than that 6-12 months ago.

So yeh, skip the Zeitgeist, watch Zeitgeist: Addendum.

I didn’t see the addendum one, just the two parts of the main movie. i may check it out, though if it is by the same filmmaker i dont have too high hopes for i. at least it sounds like it’s about design…


Yeh, watch it, would like to hear what you think. Same guy but isn’t as all over the place as the last one.

The industrial designer who’s featured can be found here-

Design wise though I feel his website doesn’t do him any favours.

ugh, ya. makes me almost not even want to watch it…combine that with the fact anyone can call themselves and IDer, and I dunno…


haha yeh, it’s like a combination of Thunderbirds and the Dharma Intiative. It’s very dated. And again, the Venus project is far-fetched and at times utopian, but interesting non the less.

But still, once you filter all the bullshit there’s something about the documentary that got me to really question my future.

seriously? you guys weren’t shook by some of the things you heard? here are some of the things that scared the crap out of me…

the whole fed business astounds me in terms of it’s impact on the country, which no one seems to be concerned about. like the movie points out, one of the main ideals this country was founded on was ‘no taxation without representation’. america seperated from england because the king wanted it to use money printed by england. that doesn’t sound so bad, but when you tax people for the money you print out, what you’re really doing is starting a viscious cycle of debt, which the founding fathers saw right through. i mean, look at what’s happening right now. all these bail-outs and stimulus checks, where is the government getting all this money from? you guessed it, the fed. and when the fed charges interest on every dollar printed, even if it’s a miniscule precentage, how is the government supposed to pay it back and get out of debt? it isn’t, and that’s the system set up to keep people poor and suppressed. think about it this way…

if the fed prints just one dollar, and charges 1% for it, how are you supposed to pay it back when the source of your money is the very people you’re borrowing from? now you owe $1.01 but you only have that $1 the fed printed out…so what do you do? that’s right, borrow MORE to pay that initial debt…but now you owe interest on the money you borrowed to pay that first debt! now replace that one dollar with all the billions and trillions this money is throwing at the war and businesses. who’s paying for that? that’s right, us.

what about how the fed created rumors of banks failing and manipulated the market in order to send smaller banks out of business so they could aquire them at dirt-cheap prices? you think that was relegated to the great depression and won’t happen again? wrong. it’s happening again right now, and you guys think it’s just a conspiracy theory? it happened to WaMu, it’s happening to Bank of America, and it’s happened to tons of smaller banks. it may just seem like consolidation, but it’s also one less way for the us to make decent money. the smaller banks, in order to stay competitive, offer higher yield accounts, which in turn, equaled more money-making ability for the middle-class. if you’ll take a look, the larger banks like chase offer ridiculously low interest rates on cd’s and such. not because times are tough, but because there’s no other choices left for us due to the ‘fallout’. they do it because they can.

i know the chip sounds outrageous but they’re starting to do it…it’s in all your new passports.

so check that link above and read what has officially been declassified from the vietnam war. i feel bad for all the vets who fought and died for what inevitably ended up being a war just to fill the pockets of private bankers who played both sides in this and every other war. rockefeller sold $20 million worth of fuel to the nazis along with an element that was used to make cyclon-b.

seriously? i mean, let’s forget for a moment that there’s no mention of design in the first one…i just scratched the surface and no one thinks it’s credible?

I liked it. The visual composition became overly complicated with the usage of abstract shots and voiceovers. The feature was segmented harshly and would have done better as a series of shorts with the theme tying them together. Most everything that was covered I had hear/seen/ read before. The presentation on religion was put together in a way that made it, cute.

Overall 5.7 / 10 (if you got the time, watch it)

I really think you have to take it with a pinch of salt. The monetary system and how it works is no secret, it’s common knowledge that there isn’t enough money to pay back all debts, debt is what makes our world go round. The thing with the first Zeitgeist that it covers such broad a subjects it hard to say what’s credible and whats nonsense.

You should check out the film Network. It’s more relevant today perhaps than when it was released.