Anyone attending the Outdoor Retailer Show?

As of now I’m 95% committed to heading up to Salt Lake City for the show (August 4-7th), depending on my freelance schedule.

But I’ll likely be purchasing my plane ticket within the next 48 hours if everything goes smoothly between now and then. I’m planning on two days/nights, probably Fri & Sat night, and flying back to Austin on Sunday morning.

(Unless someone who has attended before tells me the Thursday pre-party is one of the most incredibly fun parties ever, I’ll skip it Thursday to spend more time on the floor Fri/Sat)

Anyway- just curious if anyone else is attending, and if so, lets say Hey

As an aside; if the news of the past couple of days is any indication, I’m guessing there’s going to be a spike in PHFDs (Personal Hiker Flotation Device) market… :wink:

I will be there all day Saturday the 6th and all day Sunday the 7th.

If you spot me, come say hello!