Anyone attending the IDSA National Conference in DC?

As the topic states:


I am going. Must be all students on these boards

pretty sure that im going, not sure sure though. its expensive. i mainly want to hear mcdonough speak to the ID crowd. and of course to schmooze.




I’m trying to figure out the additional costs.

The registration will be paid by a very generous company, but the price of the hotel and travel might be more than I can afford right now.


Thought I would, but now that I’m no longer a student it would be expensive as hell. And I’ve already seen MoDonough speak (I’m told that it’s typically the same exact speech each time): he was quite inspirational when he came to Duke a couple of years ago, but after trying to get him to come speak at NC State soon after, I was kind of set straight by the administration. He’s a great spokesman for green design, but not really considered by those in the trenches as the green design leader that the media makes him out to be. Not my opinion, just that of other academics professionals in the field that have said as much to me. If you haven’t seen him speak, it would probably be worth your while…if you had a job and could afford to go.


waste of money

Plus, there are some really ugly people in the mid atalntic idsa…