Anyone attending the 2018 Core77 Conference "Now What? Launching & Growing Your Creative Business?"

This page is for everyone and anyone attending the 2018 Core77 Conference in Brooklyn this year on October 25th (or if you’re on the fence, an opportunity to learn more about what we’ll be talking about there!).

_Learn more about this year’s conference here:

Introduce yourself! Let us know why you’re coming this year & what you’re hoping to learn. Can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:

Allison Fonder
Moderator & Conference Co-Chair

I plan to be there. Anyone else!


I’ll be there… but I’m sleaking so I have to be :slight_smile:

Would love to meet any posters IRL if you are going. I’ve heard from a couple of you already off the boards.


$375 tho? :sweat_smile::joy:

In breaking news… things cost money… the IDSA conference costs $900+ for 2.5 days… + $200 if you want to go to the IDEA ceremony.

So the concept of this conference is, we’ll show you how to get people to fork over money … now give us $375. :smiley:

Nailed it, you should have been a speaker there!

How do you know I’m not one of the scheduled speakers? :wink: