Anyone attending Eindhoven Design Academy in September?

I’ve decided to attend Eindhoven’s IM Master starting in September, and I’d love to chat about the school/city etc… with students that are already enrolled or that will be attending soon.
Lise for contact/mini portfolio etc…

Hi Lise
I’m an x-student at IM Master in Eindhoven. Looking at your portfolio it looks like you will be at the right place. It’s not a design education but an art education with design.

Prepare your self for one man work and no feedback from teh teachers. It’s a fucking struggle to go there…

Good luck!

Thanks for replying!
From your post it sounds like you weren’t completely happy with the teaching? I’m coming from ESAD Reims which definetely teaches you to work on your own, so I might be prepared for this.
Did you complete your master there? Oh and what is your nationality? I’d love to chat about life in Eindhoven/where’s the best place to live/stuff I should know about Dutch customs etc… if you’d be up for it.