Anybody wanna start an ID'ers gang?

Just a thought that crossed my mind after hearing about local gang bangers. What would we look like? What would we wear and carry? What would we do and where would we hang out? Whose ass would we kick?

Cars: Audi TTs all in hot pink.

Gang colors: Baby blue + brown (or whatevers hot at the moment)

We’d mostly kick the asses of graphic designers, or anyone without a university degree who called themselves a designer. We would probably have ongoing feuds with engineers though.

don’t forget the black leather jacket and the Asian girlfriend.

Our leader??? SCOTT! - From Zorbit!

we’d kick poser a$$.

namely, Deez :smiling_imp:



i reckons we could hang out round by the trash outside design school selling low grade prismas to kids. Girlfriends to match our sneakers. having marketing gimps on leads and drinking esspresso out of brown paper bags.