Anybody use Mac Pro with Alias software?

I’ve heard that Alias does not officially support Apple even though, via bootcamp, it can now run PC based softwares.

Any issues with Apple Mac Pro running these softwares, especially Alias?

works good with bootcamp, no issues. (version 12).

I’ve tried it under virtualization (vmware fusion) and the openGL drivers are weird, pivot point doesn’t show, refresh rate is bad. Avoid this.

Thanks! I just read in 3D magazine from England that 2008 is the year for Apple platform to make hugh in-roads with 3D software - I hope so.

Yo, I have been running my Mac Pro at home with bootcamp for over a year. I run Alias, Rhino and solidworks… No problems at all… At work I use a Mac Book Pro with the same set up, no problems… I would not worry about buying a mac to do CAD anymore, it is not a issue…

What about the graphics card? For instance, the graphics card in the Mac Pro notebook, unlike the workstation, cannot be upgraded, yet.

But, it’s good to hear that there are no issues, especially w/ Alias.

The graphics card in the Mac Book pro is fine for most modeling… I have no problems with realtime shading etc… Depends what you want to do? If you want to pump out high end photo real renderings or animations you might want to consider the Mac Pro?

I’m about to buy a new Mac Book Pro and I was curious about one thing. Is the 512MB Nvidia card worth $500 more than the 256MB one? Is anybody running Alias on the 256 card and are they having any problems?